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Images from the Archives-The Kingsport Press Strike

The Kingsport Press strike, one of the nation’s longest strikes, began on March 11, 1963 when over 1650 production and maintenance employees went on strike. Contract negotiations had been on hold since December 1962 and by March all negotiations had broken down. The main issues in the labor dispute were wage increases, vacation practices, reduction … Continue reading

Found in the Archives

I recently found this brochure in the archives  entitled “Regulations Governing Visitors Touring Kingsport Press, Inc.” The regulations were pretty firm on not speaking to employees nor distracting them in any way. One reason for this was avoid injury. According to the brochure, “We feel positive that no visitor wishes to carry forever on his … Continue reading

Kingsport Press Miniature Presidential Books

The Archives of the City of Kingsport has a collection of miniature presidential books  produced by the Kingsport Press. Donated by Mrs. W.W. Palmer in November 1994, the books were once touted as “America’s Smallest Book.” Miniature books are generally no larger than 3 inches in height, width, or thickness. The miniature books in this … Continue reading