Tennessee Eastman Explosion,1960

Tomorrow marks the 51st anniversary of the Eastman Explosion. The explosion occurred on October 4, 1960.

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Eastman Explosion 1960-list of deceased

Below is a listing of men who died as a result of the Eastman Explosion compiled by Pete Dykes in his booklet,  “The Day the Plant Exploded,” date unknown.

*Bernard C. Arnold- Employed at Eastman for 17 years.  Worked in the Acid Division.

*J.D. Byington, 50-With Eastman for 23 years in the S & M Division.

*Dr. A.J. Chadwell, 29-Worked in the Acid Division as a research chemist.

*J. Carl Cochran, 53-With Eastman for 26 years and worked in the Acid Division.

*R. Carl Cox, 59-Employed at Eastman for 20 years in the Acid Division.

*Cornelius Y. Depew, 36-Employed for 11 years in the Organic Chemicals Department.

*Usif Haney, 45-Worked for Eastman for 20 years. Haney was a chemist that was in charge of the aniline plant in the Organic Chemical Division.

*I.D.  Mullins,39-   Employed by Eastman for 20 years in the Acid Division.

*Manze Powers, 50-With Eastman for 17 years in the Shops and Maintenance Division.

*Ed O. Repass, 51-Worked in the Stores and Warehousing Division.

*James W. (Ott) Sage, Jr., 28-Employed for 7 years in the Acid Division.

*Jimmie W. Sanders, 27-Office Services Department

*Jess Ray Shell, 35-Organic Chemicals Division

*John W. Squibb, 44-Organic Chemicals Division for 18 years.

*Arthur H. Stevens, 44-Resident of Sullivan County for 30 years