Historic White City

White City is among the oldest neighborhoods in Kingsport. The homes, designed by New York based architect Clinton Mackenzie, were required by the deeds to be painted white, hence the name White City.

Homes in White City, undated

Construction in White City began in 1919 and the area was marketed as being designed for the workman with the idea that every worker in the city could own their own home.

White City Construction, c. 1919

According to a January 9, 1920 Times article, the homes were sold at cost with only a nominal charge for the lots on which they were built. The article also mentioned that Kingsport was said to be the first city in the country to offer homes to its residents on longer terms of payment, 15 years.

View of White City, undated

Within 10 days of when the first homes went on sale, 12 had sold.

Construction in White City, c.1919

Clinton Mackenzie, the architect, designed many buildings and housing developments in Kingsport including the Clinchfield train Station, the Improvement Building, the Kingsport Inn, Shelby Street Row Houses, and the Fifties.

January 16, 1920 article

Mackenzie was quoted in a January 16, 1920 article as saying the 67 homes in White City “represents what the people here want.”

January 9, 1920

Today, White City is a designated Historic District.

Image from a historic zoning district survey, undated

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