Friends of the Archives

The Friends of the Archives is a non-profit group dedicated to supporting the Archives Division of the Kingsport Public Library. Members work to sponsor exhibits, programs and special events.

For more information please visit


3 thoughts on “Friends of the Archives

  1. Mrs.Ellis I sure did enjoy the video of your speech of Rotherwood.All this time I thought it was in Rogersville.I was born in Rogersville but moved when I was a baby.Any way my grand parents lived there and I would visit.I know absolutely nothing about my family.Every body gone parents,grand parents,no one to ask.Maybe by chance yo might know some stories about them.Bradie and Clara Bell Gladson. I was told once that we were of the Indian tribe you mentioned but of course my family wouldn’t speak of that.If you do happen to know some stories I would love to hear about them.
    Jean Gladson Mcnatt
    1-256-710-8710 phone my
    Email is messed up I have
    Been hacked but will get it
    Fixed soon I hope.

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