And the winner is…

Congratulations to the 2015 Rediscover Kingsport Scavenger Hunt winners! And the winners are… Carol Williams (1st prize), Karen Carrick (2nd prize), and Roger Repass (3rd Prize). Thanks to MeadowView, Downtown Kingsport Association, and the Friends of the Archives for your sponsorship and making the prizes possible!

hunt brochure 2015

  1. 102 E. Main Street (Wray Law Firm)
  1. 128 E. Market (Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery)
  1. Center Key Building (308/310 Cherokee)
  1. State Theater (Broad Street)
  1. HMC Mortgage (227 E. Sullivan)
  1. Style (113 E. Market) (will accept 115 E. Market)
  1. 453 E Main St (Kingsport Grocery)
  1. Kingsport Farmer’s Market (Clinchfield St)
  1. 125 Cumberland St. (old Rascals)
  1. 222 West Main Street (Blazier-Wilson Hall)
  1. 430-434 Shelby St. (Lloyd’s on Shelby and William K Rogers Law Office)
  1. 225 Broad St-First National Bank Building (Now Jim Williams & Associates and BANQ)
  1. 555 E Main St.- Lofts on Main (104/105/106)
  1. 311 E. Sullivan St. (Between Two Dads and Shades of Grace)
  1. Kingsport Fire Department, Station #1, 130 Island St
  1. Behind 147 Broad St.; Alleyway behind Haggle Shop Antiques
  1. 207/205 Broad St- Wallace News
  1. 124 /126 W. Main St. (Next to The Taylor Law Office)
  1. 201 W. Market St. (Improvement Building, City of Kingsport Development Services Center)
  1. 400 Broad Street-Kingsport Pubic Library

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