Chatty Baby by Mattel, 1962

Anyone remember Chatty Baby?

Chatty Baby. Photo by Thomas McNeer, Jr., 1962.

One thought on “Chatty Baby by Mattel, 1962

  1. I remember Chatty Kathy and Chatty Baby VERY WELL, even though this event took place 52 years ago. I joined Eastman Chemical Products, Inc., in Kingsport in 1960 as a chemist in the development labs immediately after completing school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, with a degree in Chemistry. My first success in new product development at Eastman was the development and commercial introduction of Kodaflex TXIB plasticizer, made at Texas Eastman Company in Longview, Texas. Mattel was Eastman’s first major customer for TXIB, purchasing a full rail car of TXIB in late 1961 or 1962 which was shipped from Longview to their facility in California for manufacture of Chatty Kathy and Chatty Baby. Eastman’s Kodaflex TXIB was chosen for use in these two major products by Mattel due to the fine details made possible in the manufacture of these two toys, both of which could also be made to “talk” by pulling a retractable string on the back of these toys, which operated a tiny recording device. When my wife and I had our two daughters in 1965 and 1968, you can be assured that they received a Mattel Chatty Kathy doll. “Thanks for the memories.”

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