Dobyns-Bennett High School Band in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Dobyns-Bennett High School Band will be marching in this year’s Macy’s  Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Be sure to check out the band on local channels WCYB-5 (NBC) and WJHL-11 (CBS). The parade starts at 9:00 and as of right now the DBHS band is scheduled to be the third band in line.

The DBHS Band has been one of the premier high school bands in Tennessee. The band dates back to 1926 when Professor S.T. “Fess” Witt came to Kingsport from Norton, Va to organize Dobyns-Bennett’s first school band. The first band, comprised of 45 students, consisted of 10 cornets, 12 clarinets, five trombones, two alto horns, six saxophones, three basses, two baritones, two drums, two fifes and one piccolo.  A far cry from the population of the band these days!

The 1940-1941 Dobyns-Bennett High School Band.


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