Backer Brothers Flowers

Backer Brothers Flowers

Photo by Carl Swann, undated.

Backer Brothers Flowers was located on East Charlemont Avenue at the corner of Watauga Street. The store was owned by D.W. “Watt” Backer and Steve Backer.

Photo by Thomas McNeer, Jr., 1946.

Natives of Lexington, KY the Backer Brothers established the business in 1941 shortly before the United States entered World War II.  Watt had come to Kingsport in 1940 and Steve followed in 1941. Prior to opening the floral shop, Watt was employed at Holliston Mills and Steve worked at the Kingsport Press and Eastman.

Photo by Thomas McNeer, Jr., 1946.

Backer Brothers Flowers sponsored a mystery tune radio program “Orchids for Remembrance” on WKPT, in which a person was chosen at random from the telephone directly and awarded an orchid for correctly identifying the tune.

An employee of Backer Brothers Flowers out for delivery. Photo by Thomas McNeer, 1946.

The Backer Brothers also operated a landscaping operation in conjunction with the floral shop.


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