Women’s History Month- Genevieve Shivell

Genevieve Shivell

Mrs. Shivell, 1962.

Genevieve Shivell was instrumental in creating the Kingsport Book Club, the forerunner of the Kingsport Public Library. After the Book Club ceded its collection to the City of Kingsport, she became a charter member of the new Library Board. She continued to support the library for 42 years. Today the children’s department of the library bears her name.

Genevieve Shivell came to Kingsport from Michigan in 1919. Her husband, H.J. Shivell, first worked for Grant Leather Company and later became owner of Slip-Not Belting Company.

Kingsport Public Library Commission, c.1954. (L to R): Joe Worley, Ross N. Robinson, Howard Long, Kenneth Duchac, Karl Goerdel, and Mrs. H.J. Shivell (chairperson). Missing is Mrs. H.C. Brooks.

Mrs. Shivell was remembered not only for her contributions to the library but also the founding of the Women’s Auxiliary at Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center.  Annually the Genevieve Shivell Award is given to the outstanding volunteer of the year.  She was also an avid gardener. She died in 1994 at the age 100.



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