Texas Steer Drive-In

Remember the Texas Steer Drive-In?

The Texas Steer Drive-In, 1950. Photo by David Peirce.

The Texas Steer was originally owned by Bill Harrell and opened for business at 420 W. Center Street  in 1950.

The Texas Steer staff pose for the camera in this photograph taken in 1955. From left are Jim Williams, Helen McReynolds,? Owens, Patty Colley, Betty Winston, Jean Ball, Shirley Tate, Helen Sullivan, Sue Adkins, and Jerry Brooks. Photo by Louie T. Kesterson.

Guy Williams became owner of the business around 1953. The Texas Steer was a popular place for local teenagers to hang out at night.

Unidentified Texas Steer Employees, undated. Photo by Louie Kesterson.

7 thoughts on “Texas Steer Drive-In

  1. Bill, you would have been manager during part of the period when my parents and I ate there. It was between ’56 when I was born, and ’61 when my sister was born. We drove a ’53 Oldsmobile. I remember the sign and loved the “drive-in” feature of the place. Great memories.

  2. I worked there from 1964 until 1973. Great food (Big Cowboy and homemade onion rings) and real ice cream shakes! We had sit down dining room, carry out, curb service and, yes, delivery! We had it all! Real food that took time to cook and the BEST STAFFERS EVER! We were the first to put up an outdoor Christmas tree on the flat roof in front! Wind played havoc with it. It took two times tiring it down, but, mission was accomplished. Thanks to all of our customers!!!
    I bet that you never forgot the real Texas Longhorns hanging over our front door! It was an awesome restaurant!!! Janny Jones aka Peanut..

    1. Hi Janice
      You dont happen to remember a girl that worked there named Terry Foxx, may have went by Susie which was her nickname. That was my mother. My father met her there,his name is Ron Johns. Thanks a ton if you remember.

  3. My Uncle Guy and Aunt Niecie’ Williams lived across the street from us 1959 until we moved to PA in 1968. They lived in Bristol, TN until both of them passed away a few years ago. My brothers and I always loved to come with them to the diner. It was an awesome place.

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