Porter Wagoner in Kingsport?

According to the Country Music Hall of Fame’s Facebook Page, Porter Wagoner joined the Grand Ole Opry on this day in 1957.

I took special notice of this because just a few hours ago  I scanned a photo of Porter Wagoner taken by Louie T. Kesterson, Jr., a Kingsport photographer. (Talk about odd timing!)

The photo is part of the Kesterson Photo Collection donated a while back to the archives. I am currently working on digitizing the photos to share on the online image gallery. They should be up on the website any day now.

Unfortunately there is no information attached to the photo about where and when it was taken. I did do some research on the newspaper archive and the only mention I found of Wagoner performing in Kingsport was in October 1970. Does anyone know if this was from that performance?

The Country Music Hall of Fame has a great page on Porter Wagoner.

If you want to learn more click here.


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