From the Archives-The Gibson Crockett Collection

I recently put up a display in the archives lobby display case that showcases the Gibson Crockett Collection. The collection contains original sketches of Crockett’s editorial cartoons.

Display case in archives lobby (Sorry for the glare).

Gib Crockett graduated from Dobyns-Bennett High School in 1930. After graduation, he worked for Eastman and the Kingsport Press. In 1932, Crockett moved to  Washington D.C.  where he began working for the Washington Star.

At the Washington Star, Crockett served as an apprentice to professional cartoonists and illustrators and eventually was made an editorial cartoonist. In 1963, Crockett  became the chief editorial cartoonist for the paper.

Crockett’s editorial cartoons covered a wide range of issues but mostly focused on political commentary.

In addition to his work at the Washington Star, Crockett worked as a freelance artist. For over 40 years he illustrated the covers of the Navy football programs.

Crockett retired from the Washington Star in 1975 but continued to draw until his death in  2000.

If you would like to learn more about Gibson Crockett please feel free to visit the Archives of the City of Kingsport and check out the collection on display.


One thought on “From the Archives-The Gibson Crockett Collection

  1. I am curious, was he known for having musical knowledge? He created an illustration of John McCone for the WS in November 1963, with McCone humming a tune; I wonder if there was a specific tune in mind.

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