On this day 60 years ago…

On this day 60 years ago the Kingsport Times-News ran a story on Dr. Elery Lay, a local educator, government official, and author. The story reported on the upcoming publication of his first novel, That Reek of Sin.

Kingsport Times- News article, January 21, 1951.

A few years after this article was published,  Dr. Lay became principal of Dobyns-Bennett and later served as assistant superintendent of Kingsport City Schools. He served on the Board of Mayor and Alderman from 1969 to 1979 and was the city’s vice-mayor, 1979-1981.

Dr. Lay went on to complete a history of the Tri-City Region with An Industrial and Commercial History of the Tri-Cities in Tennessee . His other works included historical fiction novels Trek to the King’s Mountain, JourneyGreat Tree: A Mountain Tale, and piece of historical poetry, Long Island of the Holston.

Elery Lay, 1950.

Dr. Lay was a popular educator and active in many organizations in Kingsport. The archives is fortunate to have several collections pertaining to Dr. Lay, including a collection of his manuscripts. For more information on Dr. Lay feel free to visit the archives or view the contents of the collections online.

KCMC 0329-Dr. Elery A. Lay Collection, c.1945-1992 and undated

KCMC 0362- Dr. Elery A. Lay Memorial Booklet Collection, c.1965-1998 and undated

KCMC 0020 Elery A. Lay Manuscripts, c. 1960 and c. 1982


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