Holiday Shopping at the Library!

Support the Kingsport Public Library and Archives


do your Holiday Shopping at the same time!

Broad Street, 1949

Friends of the Archives Postcards make great stocking stuffers!

There are currently 5 different series.

Each series contains 5 different historical scenes from Kingsport and are $5.00!


Another great gift idea is “My Boys” by LeRoy Sprankle.

For the Dobyns-Bennett Football fan, “My Boys” by LeRoy Sprankle will be a hit! “My Boys” details the early years of Dobyns-Bennett High School Sports under the reign of LeRoy Sprankle. What a great buy too at only $5.00!


How about a gift Membership to the Friends of the Library and/or the Friends of the Archives?

The mission of the Friends of the Kingsport Public Library (FOL) is to support, promote and enrich the Kingsport Public Library in providing services and opportunities to the community. For more info on how to join the FOL please visit the library or check out the library’s website to learn more.

The Friends of the Archives (FOA) is a non-profit support group that plays an active role in helping to preserve Kingsport’s history. For more information please visit the archives or visit the Archives online.

Santa Claus delivering gifts at a Shrine Club event, 1947.


Make a donation to the Friends of the Kingsport Public Library Endowment Fund!

You may make a donation in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone who enjoys the Library. Started in 1997, this fund is “to provide a growing source of income to supplement the Friends’ support of the Library, provide services to those less fortunate, and make our excellent Library even better.”


An unidentified boy pulling a wagon full of presents, 1945. Photo by Thomas McNeer, Jr.

The library itself can receive cash donations to purchase materials in memory of or in honor of someone, or to commemorate a special occasion: e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The gift will be used to purchase books. A card of notification will be sent. For a gift of $15 or more, a book will be purchased and a book plate added acknowledging the gift and naming the person for whom the book is a memorial. For more information, call 224-2588.


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