1962 Dobyns-Bennett Graduate Maria Weber pens Memoir

Maria Weber. Photo by James Bassett.

The Kingsport Public Library and Archives recently received two copies of I’ll be There to Write the Story: A Mother-Daughter Journey Beyond Death donated by the author, Maria Weber ( A BIG Thank You!). Weber, 1962 graduate of Dobyns-Bennett High School, currently resides in Colorado and runs a home-based pottery business.

I’ll Be There to Write the Story is a spiritual memoir about healing the unfinished relationship between Maria and her mother, Louise Ernst Weber, a poet and mystic.

The title of the book comes from a line of Louise Weber’s Poem, “A Writer’s Last Words,” written in 1996.

Bury me with a pencil in my hand,

For I would wake up-writing

When Gabriel’s trumpet blows and his brass bands

Begin trumpeting, I’ll be there

In a front-row stand to write the story

(First Stanza from “A Writer’s Last Word,” Louise Ernst Weber)

According to Maria, “the subtitle of the book: A Mother-Daughter Journey Beyond Death, refers to the spiritual journey my mother and I have taken together from the time I was ten till the recent past-with lots of intermissions. As Maria read her mother’s unpublished poetry, she discovered Louise’s intimate thoughts and feelings. Her journey led her to understand her mother even better after her death, Maria’s new book is the story of how it happened.

The Archives of the City of Kingsport houses the Louise Weber Poetry Collection (KCMC 286). The collection was donated in 1999 by Maria Weber and contains published and unpublished poetry written by Louise Ernst Weber.

Louise Ernst Weber

Louise Ernst Weber was born in Lemasters, Pennsylvania.  She studied nursing in Philadelphia and earned her BA from the University of Virginia. In 1935 she married W.E. Weber and moved to Kingsport to work as the first Operating Room Supervisor at Holston Valley Hospital. Weber enjoyed nature and traveling, especially in the western United States. In addition to writing about the West, many of her nature poems were inspired by her surroundings in Northeast Tennessee. Several of her poems are dedicated to longtime Kingsport citizens, such as Thomas McNeer and Sue Fisher.

Lines for my bomb-threatened child, July 15, 1965

Her collection of poems, which spanned most of her life, covers a wide range of issues and events. From childhood experiences in Pennsylvania to her contemplation of death, from personal tragedies to the Vietnam War, Weber’s writings offer insight into her own life as well as the world in which she lived. Many of her poems were published during her lifetime. After the death of her husband in 1988, Weber moved to Colorado to be closer to her only child, Maria. Louise Ernst Weber died in 1997.

For more information on the Louise Ernst Poetry Collection please click here to view the online finding aid.

Click here for more information on Maria Weber, the book and Pinon Valley Press.

As mentioned, Maria Weber donated two copies of her book.  One has been placed in the archives and is available for library use only, the other is available to be checked out (Call No. 306.8743 Weber ).


One thought on “1962 Dobyns-Bennett Graduate Maria Weber pens Memoir

  1. Brianne, this is a lovely blog post about Louise and I’ll Be There to Write the Story. I was moved to read it and see that you included her original typed writing and a photo from the archives. Thanks much! Maria

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