Kingsport Trivia (again!)

****Updated on August 20, 2010 to include answers****

There hasn’t been any attempt to answer the Kingsport Trivia questions on the blog here. Looks like the blog readers aren’t as interactive or interested as the facebook fans!

Does anyone want to try their hand at the questions???

If so, please leave your answers as a comment (you can access the comment section next to the date of the blog entry at the top of the post).

Here are the questions again….

1. Who or What is Rotherwood Mansion named after?

It was named after the home of Cedric the Saxon of England in Sir Walter Scott’s 1820 novel “Ivanhoe.”

2. What local architect designed Allandale Mansion?

Allen Dryden, Sr.

3. How did White City (a section of Kingsport) get its name?

All of the deeds for the houses required that the houses be painted white.

4. Who was the father of Kingsport Athletics?

LeRoy Sprankle

5. Which President of the United States had parents that lived in White City before he was born?

George H.W. Bush

6. What was the name of the first large-scale apartment complex built in Kingsport and when was it completed?

Garden Apartments, 1940

7. Who was the first Band Director at Dobyns-Bennett High School?

Professor S.T. “Fess” Witt

8.  Who was the first mayor of Kingsport?

James W. Dobyns

9. What was Kingsport’s nickname before it was known as the “Model City” and why was it called that?

Magic City-the city grew “like magic”


3 thoughts on “Kingsport Trivia (again!)

    1. It was actually George H. W. Bush! The parents of George H. W. Bush (and grandparents of George W. ) lived in Kingsport for 6 months in 1922. Prescott Bush was sent here by the Simmons Leather Company of St. Louis to decide if a leather factory should be built here. Thanks for answering Jolly, you may be the only one!

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