Kingsport Trivia!

A few weeks ago I started posting trivia questions about Kingsport on the Facebook page. I am going to start posting the questions on the blog too, in case you follow the blog and not Facebook. Some of the questions you may have already seen if you follow the Facebook page. If you haven’t seen them and know the answers please leave your answers in the comment section.

The winner of a Hot Rod Race, 1950.

Here are the 7 questions that have been asked so far…

1. Who or What is Rotherwood Mansion named after?

2. What local architect designed Allandale Mansion?

3. How did White City (a section of Kingsport) get its name?

4. Who was the father of Kingsport Athletics?

5. Which President of the United States had parents that lived in White City before he was born?

6. What was the name of the first large-scale apartment complex built in Kingsport and when was it completed?

7. Who was the first Band Director at Dobyns-Bennett High School?


3 thoughts on “Kingsport Trivia!

  1. Jeff,
    Iknow some of the answers, but as I lived in White City in the 50s and 60s I am curious to the answer to the Presidential question. When will the answers be posted?

    PS You are doing a great job…keep up the good work.

    PPS What city manager lived in White City in the 1960s? (Marsh)

    1. I had planned to wait to answer the questions after people had a chance to submit their answers. It doesn’t look like people are answering the questions though, so I will probably post answers soon. If you know some of the answers, you are more than welcome to post them!

      Brianne Wright
      City Archivist
      Archives of the City of Kingsport

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