“My Boys” by LeRoy Sprankle

Every so often I like to get on Ebay and do a search for Kingsport items. It is fascinating sometimes what you can find, a lot of really neat items. I recently came across two different listings for LeRoy Sprankle’s book “My Boys.”

I think it is great that the book is being sold on Ebay but I was kind of taken aback by the prices! One was priced at $99.95 and the other is listed at $50.00. I also checked Amazon for the book, prices ranged from $39.99-$149.00.

Okay, here is the thing folks…you can buy the book at the Kingsport Public Library and Archives for $5.00. Yes, only $5.00 (and a few bucks for shipping)! All proceeds from the sale of “My Boys” (if purchased here at the library and archives) go to the Friends of the Archives.

Coach LeRoy Sprankle and unidentified man drinking coffee. The photograph was taken in ST. Augustine, Florida, 1941.

Written by LeRoy Sprankle, known as the “Father of Kingsport Athletics”, the book chronicles the early years of sports at DBHS. The book was written in the 1950s and 60s but was misplaced until it was re-complied and published in 2001.

For more information on LeRoy Sprankle or “My Boys” please visit the archives.


2 thoughts on ““My Boys” by LeRoy Sprankle

  1. I have bought several copies and have two left. I would like to have more. They make wonderful gifts. Are they still available?

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