JCPD looks for community help to create archives

A call box used before radios, a log book from the 1940s and a framed photo of the Johnson City Police Department from 1955. (Rex Barber / Johnson City Press)

You can view the article along with a video clip at the Johnson City Press Website.

JCPD looks for community help to create archives

By Becky Campbell
Press Staff Writer

Usually when the police department solicits help from the public, it’s to find information about a crime or criminal.

This time, the Johnson City Police Department needs information about, well, the department.

There’s an effort under way to put together a historical archive of the department, and when the project coordinator began sifting through material, there just wasn’t much there.

“We started looking for old stuff and we couldn’t find much of it,” said Community Relations Officer Terry Hardin.

“Our goal is to document as much of our departmental history as possible in a digital format that might be easily stored for future generations,” Hardin said.

Whether it be photographs, oral stories, newspaper articles or other memorabilia, Hardin hopes the public will come forward with their memories.

Chief John Lowry said that over the years, many things that happened at the department have gone undocumented.

“Over the years, a lot of very interesting things have happened here at our department but, unfortunately, a lot of that has gone undocumented or slipped away,” he said.

“I would like to appeal to past members of our department, their families, or friends to loan old photographs, or other materials so we might scan or photograph them, and include them in our historical archive.”

Hardin said anyone who contributes items can be assured they will get them back.

“ We don’t want to keep anything … we know it means something to them as well,” Hardin said.

Those interested in donating items such as photographs or news articles can send them to Hardin by e-mail, or take them to the police department so he can make an electronic copy.

To contact Hardin, e-mail him at or call 434-6121.


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