The Homestead Hotel

Homestead Hotel, 1925

The Homestead Hotel was located on the corner of West Sullivan and Clay Streets. Built in 1918 as a club house for executives of the Grant Leather Company, it was later remodeled into the hotel.

Postcard of the hotel.

According to the 1937 Rotary Club Book about Kingsport, “it is a favored location for new industrial executives and their families while waiting to locate permanently in their own homes. Many of the teachers on the city’s public schools live here during the year. Nearly sixty percent of their quests are of the permanent class.”

Ad for the hotel from the 1926 Kingsport City Directory.

Despite efforts of local citizens the Homestead Hotel was eventually torn down in the 1990’s.

Homestead, undated

One thought on “The Homestead Hotel

  1. Does anyone have any pictures of the inside of the Homestead hotel in it’s early days? I would love to see them if you do.

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