Kiwanis Kapers: The “Singing Housewives”

The archives has a lot of great pictures and memorabilia from the Kiwanis Kapers. The Kiwanis Kapers produced a community variety program for several decades in Kingsport as a fundraiser for the Kiwanis Club. The Kapers had a number of acts that varied from chorus lines, to minstrel acts, and a variety of various other skits.

The "Singing Housewives" rehearsing for the Kiwanis Kapers performance. From left to right: Sylvia Thompson, Katharine Shivar, Nancy Peterson, Frances Walters, Ellen Crowther and Jean Kern. Photo by David Peirce.

In 1964, one of the big acts of the program was the the “Singing Housewives.” According to the paper, “the Singing Housewives were accomplished singers whose major interest in life is the rearing of families.”

March 1964-1
Article from Kingsport Times News from March of 1964.

For more information on the Kiwanis Kapers or to see more pictures please visit the archives or check out the online image gallery on the Archives of the City of Kingsport website.


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