American Archives Month/Tennessee Archives Month 2009

October is American Archives Month!

american archives-1

October is also Tennessee Archives Month!


American Archives Month and Tennessee Archives Month are an opportunity  to raise awareness about the value of an archives . Archives Month is also a time to focus on the importance of records of enduring value and to enhance public recognition for the people and programs that are responsible for maintaining our communities’ vital
historical records.

The Archives of the City of Kingsport serves an important role in the Kingsport Community. The archives collects and preserves historically significant materials relevant to Kingsport. The archives houses papers and photographs of individuals, organizations, industry, business, and non-current City records for preservation and research purposes.

If the archives did not exist many of the photographs and documents housed here may have been lost forever or buried away in an attic somewhere. The archives provides a place to properly store these valuable mementos of Kingsport as well as make them available to be seen and celebrated.

To see what the archives has to offer feel free to visit and browse the many photos and artifacts on display. You can also browse over 1800 images from the archives at


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