Dobyns-Bennett High School Football-1948

The archives has a great collection of Dobyns-Bennett High School football materials and memorabilia. I recently discovered a poster advertising the 1948 football schedule.

1948 schedule-1

The 1948 team was undefeated and won the Tennessee State and Southern Championships.

The 1948 Football Record

Kingsport…42       Corbin, KY…0

Kingsport… 20      Chattanooga…0

Kingsport… 20      Roanoke, VA…14

Kingsport…64       Erwin…0

Kingsport…45       Bristol, VA…6

Kingsport…40       Knoxville High…7

Kingsport…26       Bristol, TN…0

Kingsport…40       Elizabethton…3

Kingsport…40       Johnson City…0

Kingsport…26       Knoxville Young High…0

Kingsport…14       Miami…7 *post season game*

yearbook ind 1-1
1st Row: Bill King, Denver Cook, Raymond Galyon, Ira Rathbun- 2nd Row: Don Francisco, Leon Duncan, Hal Miller, Cecil Maddux- 3rd Row: Tommy Trent, Jerry Horsley, Bill Haynes, Harry Farris
yearbook ind 2-1
1st Row: Bill Payne, Roy Duncan, Harry Wright, Everett Hale- 2nd Row: Buster Brown, Tommy Stevens, Jim Huddle, Dean Patty- 3rd Row: Howard Bowers and William H. Jordan (coaches), Earl Harrison, Tom Bacon, Ronald Jennings (managers), Don Starnes

One thought on “Dobyns-Bennett High School Football-1948

  1. Dad(Tom Bacon) said this was one of the best times in his life–he enjoyed retelling the story of the train trip to Florida with the Team

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