Pal’s Sudden Service

1st pals
The first Pal's Sudden Service, 327 Revere Street, 1956

The first Pal’s Sudden Service, founded by Fred “Pal” Barger, opened in downtown Kingsport at 327 Revere Street in 1956. The original menu consisted of milkshakes, soft drinks, frenchie fries, and sauceburgers.

You Know You’re From Kingsport If…

*Pal’s tea runs in your bloodstream

*Half of your budget is used on Pal’s tea and frenchie fries

*You decide on your college based on its radius from Pal’s

*You think the rest of the world knows what a Pal’s hot dog is

*Visit Vince Staten’s Blog to see the full “You Know You’re From Kingsport If…” list.

Pal Barger will be the speaker for the Friends of the Archives Annual Meeting/Betty Gibson Memorial Lecture in October. Keep checking back for details!

For more detailed information on the history of Pal’s visit the Pal’s website!


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