Kingsport Fun Fest

Kingsport’s Fun Fest kicks off in just a few days! This years Fun Fest activities run from July 10-18.

Fun Fest Banner, 1982
Fun Fest Banner, 1982

The first Fun Fest was held August 8-15, 1981 and ever since then the summer festival provides the city with more than a week of fun filled activities. There will be a variety of events and activities for people of all ages and best of all most of them are free! Fun Fest also gives residents and visitors a chance to learn more about what Kingsport has to offer and a chance to explore the city.

The Archives of the City of Kingsport has a collection of Fun Fest Memorabilia, most of which is currently on display at the library. The Fun Fest display, put together by the library’s circulation department, includes old t-shirts, banners and other promotional items from past Fun Fests. Come check it out!

Fun Fest T-Shirt, 1982
Fun Fest T-Shirt, 1985
Fun Fest T-Shirt, 1985
Fun Fest T-Shirt, 1988.
Fun Fest T-Shirt, 1988

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