History in Bloom(ingdale)

This week’s post is written by archives volunteer Kari Roueche.


(© 1976, The Sullivan County Historical Commission and Associates)

The original photographs published in the 1976 book Historic Sites of Sullivan County are contained in the Muriel C. Spoden Collection (KCMC). Lately we’ve been slightly obsessed with trying to find these historic structures and discovering their current condition. This week, we tackled Chapter I, Reedy Creek and Bloomingdale Environs.
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Andrew Johnson School Class Portraits

Johnson School 3-10 1956

Johnson School, Grade 3, Room 10, 1955-1956

Johnson School 4-17 1957

Johnson School, Grade 4, Room 17, 1956-1957 Front Row: Henry Weissinger, Charles Lee, Johnny Allen, Sharon Jones, Janice Starrette, David Little, Don Jones, unknown Middle Row: Barbara Brewer, Kay Goad, Doug Van Huss, Edna Burrell, Fred Herr, Janet Rector, Jenny Lynn Harris, Rhonda Wright, Tony Vest Back Row: Mrs. McClellan, David McCurry, Ricky Reed, John Penn, unknown, Pat Miller, unknown, Tommy Austin

Johnson School 4-21 1957

Johnson School, Grade 4, Room 21, 1956-1957

Johnson School 5-19 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 19, 1957-1958

Johnson School 5-20 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 20, 1957-1958

Johnson School 5-21 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 21, 1957-1958