And the winner is…

Congratulations to the 2015 Rediscover Kingsport Scavenger Hunt winners! And the winners are… Carol Williams (1st prize), Karen Carrick (2nd prize), and Roger Repass (3rd Prize). Thanks to MeadowView, Downtown Kingsport Association, and the Friends of the Archives for your sponsorship and making the prizes possible!

hunt brochure 2015

  1. 102 E. Main Street (Wray Law Firm)
  1. 128 E. Market (Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery)
  1. Center Key Building (308/310 Cherokee)
  1. State Theater (Broad Street)
  1. HMC Mortgage (227 E. Sullivan)
  1. Style (113 E. Market) (will accept 115 E. Market)
  1. 453 E Main St (Kingsport Grocery)
  1. Kingsport Farmer’s Market (Clinchfield St)
  1. 125 Cumberland St. (old Rascals)
  1. 222 West Main Street (Blazier-Wilson Hall)
  1. 430-434 Shelby St. (Lloyd’s on Shelby and William K Rogers Law Office)
  1. 225 Broad St-First National Bank Building (Now Jim Williams & Associates and BANQ)
  1. 555 E Main St.- Lofts on Main (104/105/106)
  1. 311 E. Sullivan St. (Between Two Dads and Shades of Grace)
  1. Kingsport Fire Department, Station #1, 130 Island St
  1. Behind 147 Broad St.; Alleyway behind Haggle Shop Antiques
  1. 207/205 Broad St- Wallace News
  1. 124 /126 W. Main St. (Next to The Taylor Law Office)
  1. 201 W. Market St. (Improvement Building, City of Kingsport Development Services Center)
  1. 400 Broad Street-Kingsport Pubic Library

Rediscover Kingsport!

Today is the day!

mardi gras 91The first day of Fun Fest 2015!

crazy boat

And the first day of this year’s Rediscover Kingsport Scavenger Hunt!

What is the Rediscover Kingsport Scavenger Hunt you ask? It is an exciting and fun activity that anyone can do! Participants will be given 20 images of various locations around Downtown Kingsport. The goal is to identify the locations by address, name of building, or current business. Entries with the most correct answers will entered into a random drawing for some pretty great prizes! Simple right? So, get out there and starting hunting! And remember to look up, down, all around, and explore Downtown Kingsport! Forms can be picked up and returned at the Kingsport Public Library and the Fun Fest Store. Or you can check out the online version at

Entries (online and paper forms) must be received by 11:59 pm on July 18, 2015. Winners will announced no later than Tuesday, July 21, 2015.


Speaking of winners… Here are the prizes!

1st Prize-

A night at Meadowview-breakfast included

Fun Fest 2015 Mug

Little Cake Gift Certificate

Copy of Images of America Downtown Kingsport

Kingsport “Home” Tote Bag

Kingsport “Home” Decal

$25 Downtown Kingsport Gift Certificate

2nd Prize- 

Dinner for two at The Meadows Restaurant

Fun Fest 2015 Mug

Little Cake Gift Certificate

Kingsport Public Library Magnet from Carriage House

Copy of Images of America Downtown Kingsport

Kingsport “Home” Tote Bag

Kingsport “Home” Decal

$50 Downtown Kingsport Gift Certificate

 3rd Prize-

Round of golf for two at Cattails at Meadowview

Fun Fest 2015 Mug

Little Cake Gift Certificate

Copy of Images of America Downtown Kingsport

Kingsport Public Library Magnet from Carriage House

Kingsport “Home” Tote Bag

Kingsport “Home” Decal

$25 Downtown Kingsport Gift Certificate

$25 Macado’s Gift Certificate



Fun Fest 2015- Free Admission to Bays Mountain Park

During Fun Fest (July 10-18) admission to Bays Mountain Park is free! What a great time to head up there and enjoy the beautiful park. Entry and parking are free for all during the festival. Normal fees apply for all park programs such as planetarium shows, barge rides, zipline rides, and nature programs.

Monday-Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday Noon – 8 p.m.


Bays Mountain extends from the Long Island on the Holston River in Kingsport, Tennessee to Blount County, Tennessee, some 115 miles to the southwest. The Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport consists of a 3500 acre nature preserve, a 44 acre lake, a nature center, farmstead museum and a planetarium theater.

Bays Mountain Lake used to be the source of water supply in Kingsport, beginning in 1916, before the city was officially incorporated. Over the years as the city grew, the reservoir could not meet the demands of the growing population and the primary source of water became the Holston River. The city discontinued the use of Bays Mountain Lake as a water supply in 1944.

The park’s official groundbreaking ceremony was held during April 1970. During the next several months, the park’s Nature Interpretive Building was constructed and the facility was dedicated on May 24, 1971. Today, the park is open year round and provides a variety of activities and programs.


City Mission

city mission

East Sullivan Street, 1951


The City Mission was founded by Rev. and Mrs. Thomas A. Williams in April 1936. Originally located on Dale Street, the mission purchased the building on East Sullivan Street in 1938. The City Mission provided meals, lodging, and assistance to people in need. Williams came to Kingsport in 1917 and operated the Magic City Barber Shop for several years. After his death in 1967, his wife, Clara, continued to run the City Mission. The City Mission held church services everyday and often featured visiting pastors.

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1938


This wonderful photo of Eleanor Roosevelt at the Tri-City Airport (now Tri-Cities Regional Airport) was tucked in a scrapbook that was donated today.

What a find!


I was curious to know the context of the photo and what brought the First Lady of the United States to the airport. Thank goodness for the newspaper archives! The reason for her stop in the Tri-Cities? The March 6, 1938 edition of the Kingsport Times reported that the Mrs. Roosevelt’s American Airlines flight en route to Forth Worth, Texas would be making an eight minute stop to refuel. Looking at the photo it appears as though she received a pretty warm welcome for such a short visit!

Mystery solved.




History in Bloom(ingdale)

This week’s post is written by archives volunteer Kari Roueche.


(© 1976, The Sullivan County Historical Commission and Associates)

The original photographs published in the 1976 book Historic Sites of Sullivan County are contained in the Muriel C. Spoden Collection (KCMC). Lately we’ve been slightly obsessed with trying to find these historic structures and discovering their current condition. This week, we tackled Chapter I, Reedy Creek and Bloomingdale Environs.
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Andrew Johnson School Class Portraits

Johnson School 3-10 1956

Johnson School, Grade 3, Room 10, 1955-1956

Johnson School 4-17 1957

Johnson School, Grade 4, Room 17, 1956-1957 Front Row: Henry Weissinger, Charles Lee, Johnny Allen, Sharon Jones, Janice Starrette, David Little, Don Jones, unknown Middle Row: Barbara Brewer, Kay Goad, Doug Van Huss, Edna Burrell, Fred Herr, Janet Rector, Jenny Lynn Harris, Rhonda Wright, Tony Vest Back Row: Mrs. McClellan, David McCurry, Ricky Reed, John Penn, unknown, Pat Miller, unknown, Tommy Austin

Johnson School 4-21 1957

Johnson School, Grade 4, Room 21, 1956-1957

Johnson School 5-19 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 19, 1957-1958

Johnson School 5-20 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 20, 1957-1958

Johnson School 5-21 1958

Johnson School, Grade 5, Room 21, 1957-1958