Riverview Elks Lodge, 1963


Members of the Riverview Elks Lodge

1st Row (L to R): Oscar Bond, Wallace Ross, Sr., June Simpson, James Bristol, Daniel Green, Elroy Welch, Ray Leeper, Floyd Westmoreland, Charlie Canty, Cornell Blye, Sr., and Johnnie Bristol.

2nd Row: Richard Clark, Rev. Gaines, ?, Cornell “Buddy” Bond, Sr., Richard Watterson, Massie Bond, Jack Pierce, Bobby Scott, Timothy Price.

Elk Member Charles Canty

Elk Member Dan Green

Public Works Department


As downtown Kingsport was developed, cleanliness and sanitation became an important part of the Kingsport image. Above, Kingsport city workers pose with an early model water tank and street flusher. Below, Roy Onks (left) and Frank Cloud (right) pose in front of the city’s refuse collection truck. Onks, known as the “handy-man” of the Public Works Department, came to Kingsport in 1924. As general foreman for the Public Works Department he oversaw the maintenance of city streets and refuse collection. Frank Cloud was the longest serving city manager until his death in 1946. Kingsport was the first city within the State of Tennessee to adopt the City Manager form of government.

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