Putting a Face to a Name

I discovered a fantastic image here in the archives. Actually, I should say rediscovered. This image was one that I had scanned years ago but until today I had no clue who two of the men in the image were. Until today. I was doing some unrelated research on the Newspaper Archive and happened to see the image in an old edition of the Kingsport Times-News. Lucky for me, the caption included the name of the photographer and the names of the men in the image! And when I read the names; Thomas McNeer, Jr., David Peirce, and Ellis Binkley, I was very excited! 


Thomas McNeer, Jr. (left), Ellis Binkley (center), and David Peirce. Photo taken in 1953 by Fred Creasy.

Thomas McNeer, Jr. and David Peirce were both commercial photographers here in Kingsport and Ellis Binkley was, at one time, the editor of the Times-News. The Kingsport Archives is extremely lucky to have collections from all three of these men. In fact, the majority of the photographs you see from the archives were taken by McNeer or Peirce. I have encountered these names many, many times here in the archives but I have only ever seen a picture of McNeer. Now I am happy that I can put a face to a name! 

Oh and if you were wondering why this picture was taken or what they were doing, they were judges in a photography contest during the 1953 East Tennessee District Fair.